Term & Condition

By enrolling into programs offered through Timedoor Academy, the customer acknowledges and agrees to our Terms and Conditions as specified below:


  • Timedoor Academy reserves the right to refuse the admission of any student who, in its opinion, does not meet the minimum requirement for courses and/or may impact the learning of other students at the center.
  • Timedoor Academy reserves the right to discontinue a student's enrollment at any time due to non-payment of tuition in part or in full, disruptive behavior in class or at the center, or negative impact on other students' learning.
  • Timedoor Academy reserves the right to reschedule or cancel a student’s enrollment at any time due to the class size of less than a minimum of four students per class.
  • Requests to switch courses or skip course levels will be subject to Timedoor Academy’s assessment and course availability.


  • All payment are calculated according to the published rates in the current brochure and website or the latest published amendment, if any.
  • Payment are non-refundable once the student's class has been confirmed.
  • Payment must be completed in a maximum of 7 days after the invoice issued.
  • Late payment will result in a fine of 20k/day up to maximum 200k.

Course canceling

  • If for some reason, the cancellation of the course is done by the Timedoor Academy, the paid payment will be refunded according to the remaining courses.
  • If for some reason, the course is canceled by the student in the middle of the level, the paid payment will not be refunded.
  • If for some reason, the cancellation of the course is done by the student before the level starts, the paid payment will be refunded minus 10% for administrative costs.


  • If a student is unable to attend, the student must contact the class teacher up to 1 hour before the class.
  • The make-up class can be given only twice (2x) within 8 meetings, and it is on teachers' recommendation and availability.


  • Students are entitled to get a certificate if they take the final test or project.
  • Certificate will be given to Beginner, Intermediate and Advance course according to specifications.


  • Parents and guardians are solely responsible for the safety of the students before and after class.
  • In case of serious accidents when immediate medical care is required, children will be sent to the nearest hospital. By accepting Timedoor Academy’s terms and conditions, you have given us your consent for us to do so.

Photography and Film

  • Timedoor Academy reserves all rights to images and footages of students taken during class.
  • Timedoor Academy reserves the right to use the applicant/student's work for promotional or educational purposes.
  • If you do not wish for your child(ren) to be in marketing/editorial material, please write to us at kidsacademy@timedoor.net.

Intellectual Property

  • All material is the intellectual property of Timedoor Academy which must not be distributed without referencing.