Our Vision

Create bright future for next generation with IT Education

Timedoor Coding Academy was founded with a goal to prepare the next generation in Indonesia with excellent IT skills. We want today’s kids not only be a user of digital technology, because we want them to be the next inventors. Moreover, the fast advancement on the internet and social media have brought concerns on social issues, for example false news and cyber-bullying.

Our dream is that the next influential technology innovators will arise from Indonesia. Supported by our character and digital literacy education, our students will spread the positive influence continuously to our society. In other words, our goal is not limited to creating leaders only in technology, but also in creating a better society.


Train programming to young generation through fun education

Prepare young generation with logical thinking, problem solving, creativity and collaboration skills.

Navigate young generation to behave well in digital life.

Improve the awareness to the importance of IT education in Indonesia.

Shifting the digital addiction to productive addiction.

Our Team

Setyo Purwaningsih, M.Sc.
( Miss Tyo )

Head of Teacher

Miss Tyo has more than 5 years experiences in teaching before she went to the Netherlands for a cultural exchange programme. In The Netherlands, she observed Steve Jobs Schools in which each student was prepared with 21st century skills such as critical thinking and collaboration through digital education. Triggered by her findings, she then continued to study for Learning, Technology and Society at the University of Bristol, the UK. With her passion for education, teaching experiences, and expertise on learning technology, she is ready to present the best digital learning practices to Indonesia.

Ferdy Arhami, S.T

Head of Technology

Mr Ferdy started teaching when he was still in university as a part-timer for 2 years and continued as a full-time teacher after graduating from Electrical Engineering of Udayana University. His teaching specializations are robotic and programming using LEGO as the media. He taught students of various ages (from 3 to 16 year old). Currently, he is an active senior programmer at Timedoor Indonesia. Supported by his skills and passion for education, he is capable to give his best for your kids.

Yutaka Tokunaga

Business Advisor

Mr Tokunaga graduated from Information Technology degree in Japan and had 5 years experience working at a well-known IT company in Japan. He always has a strong passion in making positive impacts in the community. Right now his goal is to bring Indonesia out of poverty by increasing the access to good education for younger generations and make them innovators. He's an innovator himself who makes innovations through technology. Timedoor is one of his innovations, which he brought from Japan to Indonesia hoping to increase the life quality of Indonesian citizens. Through his experiences in developing business in technology company, he offers the best advice to expand Timedoor Academy curriculum all over Indonesia.

Assistant Teachers

We also hire a few assistant teachers who have been selected through a layered process. All of our teachers have relevant background study in information technology or relevant working experience as a game developer and/or programmer in the digital world. On top of the digital skills, we ensure that they have passion in teaching as well, especially for kids to lift up the fun atmosphere in class. We guarantee that our teachers have been trained to bring the best out in your kids by following our best curriculum.

"Every in this country should learn how to program a computer... because it teaches you how to think"

Steve Jobs - Founder of Apple